Mushrooms and toads

A rainy day with impressive, but very dark skies, like this one I took at the office (hanging out of the 6th floor window) this morning:

No rain tonight! So here I go.

Not far from home I saw this. What are these? Huge mushrooms? 

Special tree!

Near Philippine, the canal

This was the best picture of the sky tonight...

Boring skies, so I watched the road. 
Full of snails to avoid. But also these little toads. You could hardly see them on the road. Saved this little one by helping him (or her?) across the street (to make up for the ones I couldn't save....). 
The 'rocks' is the road itself. I think this toad measures 2 cm at most :)

Back home  



Woke up early today. Too many emotions and thoughts, could hardly think straight. Time for a ride...

The weather was warm and steamy, even at nine in the morning. Checked the weather forecast, no rain for the next few hours. Nice cloudy skies though!

Small pond near Mauritsfort

Took it slow today, especially the first kilometers. No aches today!
Warming up is so undervalued....


Perfect combination

Finally. The last few weeks I couldn't go triking because
1) I didn't have time to go triking and
2) when I did have time, it was raining.

Today the combination was perfect; time + blue skies!

I left home at nine, have been busy painting my window frames. It wasn't too hot, there wasn't too much traffic and I enjoyed beautiful skies and the sunset.

Took this pic in Belgium while I was riding on full speed :)

The sunlight creates little surprises

Near Sas van Gent

Trike in the picture :)

Almost back home, before dark



Today I did about 35 km. This is how the road often looks in the 'polders' of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.... Long, neverending roads. Luckily the sky is different all the time, cause the flat landscapes can be a bit boring....

View of the 'polder' near Biervliet

And some nice wild flowers...