And another Indian Summer weekend!

Started in Belgium

where these lovely sheep came to pose for me :)

Stopped for a while to enjoy the sun at the Zwartenhoekse Zeesluis

Love the autumn colours

Near the Sluiskil bridge

that had to open for a small sailing boat... Didn't mind though. With this view...

And almost back home.


Indian summer

Only blue skies and small white clouds. Perfect Indian summer day!


Discoveries close to home

Starting the usual way, across the Isabellakanaal

Disovering flowers I haven't seen before

Love the silence on a Sunday morning

Yellow all around

Another 'industry vs nature' spot. Never been here before. Is about 4 kms from my house...

Still water

Sky - stripe - bird :)


Industry vs nature

Made a trip 'round' the Canal (Kanaal van Gent naar Terneuzen) today. Sas van Gent, Westdorpe, Axelse Vlakte, Schapenbout, Terneuzen, Sluiskil, Zandstraat.

Lots of industry but enough nature to enjoy.

Geese invasion

Axelse vlakte

New industry, building in progress

Near Axel, end of a side canal

Schapenbout, love this road!

Horizon pollution....


A promising view in the garden...

Headed to the Braakmanbos

 Endless electricity...

Trike in the spotlights :)


Ending my trip with this beautiful sunset


Sunday morning trike trip

Railroad near Sluiskil

Lots of ducks chillin' on the waterside

The Canal (van Gent naar Terneuzen)

Beautiful little monument

Three in a row


Sunny Sunday morning

Lovely weather! Finally took the time for a trike trip.