After rain there's sunshine!

Bad planning on Saturday, so I got up early on Sundaymorning to hit the road. I was ready to go and... it started to rain. For hours! 
Luckily in the afternoon the sun came. Made lots of photos of beautiful skies!

 If you watch closely you can see I accidentily took someones picture....

Someone else riding a recumbent (ligfiets)!

And this looked beautiful, don't have a clue what it is though...

And near the 'Braakmanbos'

When I got home I realized I didn't have much time left before the world cup soccer game would start, so I decided to quickly run an errand on my 'normal' bike. That was a very bizar feeling...!

And the game.... The Dutch won!


Outside and satisfied :)

Nice weather again today. First I worked in the garden for a few hours. I was satisfied (for more reasons) and decided to make a short trip. Wasn't sure how my muscles / knee would react, but luckily I had no pain at all as soon as I was warmed up.

Passed the construction site, they're making more roads to reach the new Sluiskiltunnel

And somewhere between Sluiskil and Hoek, in the 'polder'


20 degrees and sunny

Today's trip was with a specific purpose cause I wanted to buy a bag for the carrier of my trike.
The shop is on the other side of the canal. Tried my special shoes with SPD clicksystem and I was hoping that the nagging pain in my knee would decrease because of the fact that my feet were secured to the treadles now :)  It did help, but the last 5 km were painful anyway, probably because I did  40 km altogether. Maybe I should have taken it easier (or slower).

First I took the Sluiskil bridge

Riding downwards off the bridge I took a curve at high-speed (or at least too high...), drove on two wheels for a few seconds - that looked like hours - and .... I fell down!!! In the grass fortunately, but I was ashamed because I didn't think I could fall riding on three wheels.... So I pretended that I always get off my trike like that... and held my head high... LOL.
The gall on my arm was a bit painful and I had to find the pieces of my bell and put it back together before I could resume my trip.
But I survived.

Arrived in Axel at my favorite spot near the creek

Found a nice bag in the shop. Ran into a collegue who was very impressed by the trike.
Went near the golfclub for a beautiful path through nature.

 Noticed that my big toes were feeling numb. I figured it's part of getting used to my fixed feet :)

Saw this nice little barn in Westdorpe

And on the way back, the Sas van Gent bridge
(yeah it looks pretty much the same as the one in Sluiskil)

Almost back home

Wish this was my home! Love it.


Takin' it easy, the day after

The watertower of Assenede

Little chapel by the side of the road with a little sculpture of Mary. Very common in Belgium.

And Castle "Ter Leyen" in Boekhoute....


Animal life

Funny, today's trip was all about animals.
Besides the usual sheep, cows, chickens, cats and horses also donkeys, a huge predatory bird, and a big rat that crossed the street just a few meters in front of me. The rat looked disgusting by the way. I'd rather watch these nice horses who kept posing for me...

Oh, and a big part of this trip was exactly on the border:

That's probably why they call it Vrijedijk :)

Found my dreamhouse in the meantime.... (it has a panoramic view!)

And the trip ended with this beautiful sight.


Short trip today

After work, not much time. Felt hasty. Couldn't clear my head. Another lesson learned...
Then stung by a horse-fly, who decide to chase me for another 500 meters.
The beautiful surroundings and great weather compensated a lot!


Evening trip

Had to be patient, rain showers all day long. But it was worth waiting for. 
What an amazing feeling it is to ride a trike! It's so completely different from a 'normal' bike. 

First accessory on my wishlist: fenders on the front wheels. A big puddle made big brown splashes all over me...

Little trip in Belgium (June 8th 2014)

Why this blog?

I started this blog because I want to share...

In april this year my 11 year old daughter and I went to Zonhoven, Belgium, to Yvo at his trikeshop (www.trike-shop.be). We rented two trikes for a day (I tried ICE, my daughter a KMX) and I knew right away I found what I was looking for. Why? Because of the combination of being outside, easy riding or challenge yourself by going fast, comfort and most of all: the feeling of complete freedom.

A few weeks later I returned to Yvo and he took the time (the whole afternoon) to help me pick the right trike for me. I chose AZUB T-tris, because of the great comfort, the relatively low costs and... it looks fantastic! I saw a white one at Yvo's shop and I ordered a trike in white as well.

My patience was put to a test, it took more than a month before I could travel to Zonhoven for the third time to pick up my brand new trike. But it was worth the waiting. The testride was special, riding the first few meters already made me smile. This is it!

The next day, yesterday, I packed up some stuff for a trip. I didn't really plan anything, the gps and googlemaps on my phone should do. But it was a hot day and my hay fever has been pretty heavy these last few weeks. I noticed that when I was cycling it was ok, but as soon as I stopped moving, the hay fever became worse. So I kept moving!

I must admit I have to get used to the fact that you're some kind of curiosity on the road. People watch you, even make comments (especially the 'normal' cyclers: "hey, you just lay down"). A new experience I could have expected, I know...

The trip I made yesterday was a great start of my trike-life-experience. I did about 35 km, pretty much for an untrained almost 40 year old woman ;).

I don't think I'll ever travel the world on my trike, but hey, never say never. For now, I want to trike because of the great feeling it gives me, because I can forget everything that keeps me awake at night, and because of the healthy excercise of course.

I named my blog "TrikeForYourLife" because for me it marks a turning point in my life.

In this blog I want to share my experiences on my trike-trips, with a personal 'touch'. And share lots of pictures.