This Sunday we visited Yvo in his Trike-shop in Zonhoven; for Yvo to install new fenders but also for an afternoon triking with my daughter. She enjoyes triking too, so she was really looking forward to this day. Just like the last time she could use the one with support, the electronic trike. If she would become tired, she could 'give some power' :)

Yvo checked my trike and did some small adjustments and we were off for a ride in the direction of Houthalen. The weather was great! Not too warm or cold, sunny most of the time.

Off we go! 

Beautiful surroundings

Wait for me!

Our picnic stop

Looks like dunes...

Crossing the (old) railroad several times

Action photo :)

What the sunlight can create....

On our way back home

 Thanks Yvo, we enjoyed our day in Zonhoven!


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