Perfect combination

Finally. The last few weeks I couldn't go triking because
1) I didn't have time to go triking and
2) when I did have time, it was raining.

Today the combination was perfect; time + blue skies!

I left home at nine, have been busy painting my window frames. It wasn't too hot, there wasn't too much traffic and I enjoyed beautiful skies and the sunset.

Took this pic in Belgium while I was riding on full speed :)

The sunlight creates little surprises

Near Sas van Gent

Trike in the picture :)

Almost back home, before dark


At July 15, 2014 at 9:49 AM , Blogger Deems said...

Glad you got a break in the weather to go out. Nice being able to take a photo while you're riding. I doubt you'd be able to make anything out if I took one while running :)


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