20 degrees and sunny

Today's trip was with a specific purpose cause I wanted to buy a bag for the carrier of my trike.
The shop is on the other side of the canal. Tried my special shoes with SPD clicksystem and I was hoping that the nagging pain in my knee would decrease because of the fact that my feet were secured to the treadles now :)  It did help, but the last 5 km were painful anyway, probably because I did  40 km altogether. Maybe I should have taken it easier (or slower).

First I took the Sluiskil bridge

Riding downwards off the bridge I took a curve at high-speed (or at least too high...), drove on two wheels for a few seconds - that looked like hours - and .... I fell down!!! In the grass fortunately, but I was ashamed because I didn't think I could fall riding on three wheels.... So I pretended that I always get off my trike like that... and held my head high... LOL.
The gall on my arm was a bit painful and I had to find the pieces of my bell and put it back together before I could resume my trip.
But I survived.

Arrived in Axel at my favorite spot near the creek

Found a nice bag in the shop. Ran into a collegue who was very impressed by the trike.
Went near the golfclub for a beautiful path through nature.

 Noticed that my big toes were feeling numb. I figured it's part of getting used to my fixed feet :)

Saw this nice little barn in Westdorpe

And on the way back, the Sas van Gent bridge
(yeah it looks pretty much the same as the one in Sluiskil)

Almost back home

Wish this was my home! Love it.


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